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Pocket First Aid / Survival Kit

posted Aug 27, 2018, 11:18 AM by GamerDadster Video Gaming

Pocket survival kit? Make one yourself!
The pictures below are of a "First Aid / Survival Kit" that I prepared for a Scouting group many years ago.  The kit include pretty much anything you could need within reason, including some money.  The complete list of items contained within the kit can be found here on my old Scouting website.  The first picture shows the container used to hold the items, over 43 in total.  The second picture shows the container opened with all of the items displayed.

With respect to Scouting, missing from this kit for the old "First Aid Kit / Green Star" badge is the gauze pads, and perhaps the "Tweezers" should you disagree that the paperclip cannot be fashioned into tweezers.  With respect to the old "Survival Kit / Green Star" requirements, the missing items include the "Brightly coloured large plastic garbage bags", the "Aluminium foil", and likely the "Compass" unless you can build one.


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