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Minecraft Connection Information

PLEASE NOTE: Following the instruction here WILL NOT GET YOU TO MY SERVER!  You will need to email me your USERID so that you can be WHITELISTED, and so that I can give you the proper domain name and address.  The example below "name.domain.tld" is NOT VALID!  The information below is to help with setting up the connection to our server once you have contacted me.  Email me if you have questions and cannot connect.

1) After clicking Multiplayer the "Play Multiplayer" screen will appear. Click on the "Add server" button.

Note: In the next two slides we use "name.domain.tld" for demonstration purposes only and does not work.  Please contact me for the real domain name.

4) Select the world you wish to play, and click "Join Server".

2) The "Edit Server Info" screen will appear allowing you to enter the "Server Name" which will be "World-1", and the "Server Address" is "name.domain.tld:25581".

Click the "Done" button and the server will be setup.

5) Welcome to our worlds!
Gamerdadster, Gamerlorange, and Gamerleemur...

3) Repeat the previous two steps; On the "Edit Server Info" screen add "World-3" in the "Server Name" area, and "
name.domain.tld:25583" for the "Server Address".

Click the "Done" button and the other server will be setup.