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Leemur's Lessons

How To Play Minecraft
By GamerLeemur


1.First you make a Minecraft world then you spawn in a world. You go get some wood first then you make a Wooden Pick.

How to craft a Wooden Pick you need 3 wooden planks and two sticks.

Then you get cobblestone with the wooden pick and make a furnace and a stone pick.


Now lets go mining :)

First when your mining you need food, torches, and blocks. Then look for all of the ores you see that you can mine iron ore, coal ore and lapis ore.If you want to mine diamond and gold ore you need an iron pick. To get an iron pick you need to smelt the iron ore with the furnace and coal.

How to craft an iron pick.
Now you know now how to craft an iron pick.
Lets find diamonds :)