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About GamerDadster

Who is GamerDadster?
Well, that is a complicated question...he is a father, a youth group leader (21 years of Scouting), an outdoors person, mountain biker, an amateur radio operator, and of course, a player of games once and a while...just don't ask GamerMoMster!

Where does GamerDadster live?
That one is easy, in a house silly!  That house is in "The True North strong and free"...he is proud to call Ontario, Canada home.  The video version can be found here.  Free MP3 Versions can be found here.

How does GamerDadster make money to eat and feed GamerLeemur?
With a job of course...He sure doesn't make any money doing this!  Luckily GamerDadster has a good job that pays well because feeding GamerLeemur can be very expensive...he never seems to stop eating!

Ok, so what does GamerDadster really do?
GamerDadster is proud to work for a very large organization that helps Canada become a better place to live and raise little Gamers.  He works in the field of high technology programming network perimeter security devices such as firewalls, VPNs, and industry leading solutions for enterprise security.

Why does GamerDadster do all this?
That is a tough question that I'm not sure he knows the answer yet.  It could be a stress reliever, it could be an outlet for freedom of expression, it could be to keep an eye on GamerLeemur...I'm betting it is the last one.

Is it really necessary to have all this technology at your house?
Not really, but it is really cool to be able to have all that functionality at home.  It does provide a certain level of security, but in all reality if you are a target, no level of security except disconnecting from the Internet will protect you...

Why do you host your own Minecraft server?
We live in interesting times, and it is a safe place for GamerLeemur and his friends to game and not have to interact with the many GamerPredators and InsaneGamers on the Internet.

Is creating your own server difficult to do?
GamerDadster is familiar with how these types of systems are installed and configured.  There are many very helpful webpages and YouTube videos to help with the installation of all of the components installed in the configuration.  GamerDadster will be producing some help / install documents and videos so that anyone that wants to set up their own Minecraft server can do so.

Does GamerDadster have a sense of humour?
NO...Not at all.  Just ask GamerLeemur...

Have any questions you want answered?
Well, use my contact page and send me a message.  If you want to chat with me, try the gadget below...but chances are GamerDadster is busy at work, Scouting, in the Hot Tub, at the cottage, or sleeping.  Pretty much in that order!

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