Defensive Weapons

posted Jan 3, 2016, 5:05 PM by GamerDadster Video Gaming
Sam Stein of the Huffington Post interviewing John Kerry, secretary of state
Published September 3, 2015

Quote captured: "Well, they’re defensive weapons"

Sam Stein: Yeah. The Administration has hinted, or said basically, that they want to work with Gulf states and Israel to ramp up their national security and defense mechanisms in light of this. As a practical matter, how does introducing more weapons to the region help stabilize it?

SECRETARY KERRY: Well, they’re defensive weapons. They’re weapons that will enable these countries to be able to defend themselves, and that’s a very important ingredient of deterrence. But we would be doing this in many respects anyway regardless of the deal, because Iran’s activities with respect to Hizballah, its transfer of weapons to the Iraqi Shia militia, its transfer of weapons to the Houthi and elsewhere, are deeply disturbing. They are contrary to the embargo, and we should oppose that under any circumstances.

So I think what we will find here is a unique, newly developing security architecture for that region that will see Israel and Arab countries actually in common cause to have a kind of barrier against this kind of Iranian (inaudible).